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Reward Points

You earn reward points by purchasing products from our website.
The more the product costs, the more reward points you will receive.

You will also earn 10 reward points just for setting up a free account with us online.
You can earn a further 5 reward points for each of the first 20 products you review.

Points can be traded in at any time for money off your order total.
During the checkout process, you will be shown the number of reward points you have available and be asked if you wish to use them against your order.
You can use as many reward points as you have available, which will bring down the cost of your order.
You don't have to use reward points on every order. If you wish, you can save them up and use them all at a later date.

You can view your reward points at any time by clicking the Your Reward Points link in the My Account section.
(You must be logged in to your account to access this part of the website)