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Hot Cops

Posted by in The Design Team on April 23, 2014 . 1 Comments.



Today’s card is made using the CD “Something for Everyone” which is rapidly becoming one of my favourites. Not just for the great images, but for the background papers, which seem to answer every “I wish I had a paper showing…..” need I’ve ever had.


I cut my own side-stepper card, but you can buy ready made cut and scored centre stepper cards from La Pashe. If you don’t have a scoring board that comes with stepper card instructions, buying ready made will save you a lot of time, swearing and wasted card!  A tip when cutting papers to cover a stepper card – draw around the BACK of the section you want to cover, on the BACK of your paper, then decide on the width of your border, if you choose to have one, and cut that distance inside each line.


I used the circular speed limit sign paper for the background, but don’t be limited to using background sheets just as backgrounds! I cut out individual images from the background of rectangular speeding signs and mounted them on black card to embellish the “steps” with.


The number plate was an old scrap from my stash, left over from another project, but you could personalise your card by making a “registration number” from the recipient’s initials and age, hand writing the letters and numbers or using black peel-off stickers on white card.





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Last update: April 23, 2014


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